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Using Partial Capos: a How-to...

Here are the introductions to both of the Tab books: DADGAD Tuning and Using Partial Capos for the first album and Using Partial Capos in Alternate Tunings for the new album. These files explain the 'whys and wherefores' of my use of partial capos and include all of the tunings, capos used and position for every track on each of the two recordings. Just click the links to view or download the PDFs.

U ½ 2 B #: Adding Sharping Levers to a Harp Guitar

After many years, I finally bought a harp guitar, a Timberline T30HGc. All mahogany with Macassar ebony, it's a big (big!) beautiful beast. But it was missing something important for me: the ability to easily adapt to DADGAD and my frequent partial capo mode & key changes. So I added sharping levers to the sub-bass strings! More on how, and why, I did that on Gregg's Blogg

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The Tools of The Trade...

A guitarist must have a few guitars, right? My 'posse' has grown over the years (a terminal condition known far and wide as GAS or Guitar Acquisition Syndrome), and now includes traditional and CF (carbon fibre) guitars and other 'things-with-strings'. My main guitars are the new Crosby Festival Elite Multiscale, and the Lowden O23c, Larrivée J09, CF Emerald X30 Multiscale Baritone and the CF Rainsong Jumbo that I play on Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, but also includes a few others. Photos and more about my guitars 'n stuff here.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Well. Finally! After all these years. My first solo recording of original fingerstyle guitar compositions, One Size Does Not Fit All, has seen the light of day. [Edit]And now, three years later, it's been joined by a second! You can audition tracks and purchase either album for download (in WAV, HQ MP3 or FLAC formats) at the 'read more' link, or better (!) directly from me. Drop me a line… .

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