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Music, Videos & Images…

It is, or should be, all about the music, but in these instant-gratification days of the web and mobile devices (I refuse to call them "smart" phones until I can actually have an intelligent conversation with one) there has to be supporting media available. So, bowing to the inevitable, here you'll find info about and samples of the recordings, but also images and photos, and videos (eventually), info about the guitars I play, booking information and press kit stuff.

The Music

The point of the site...my music! Here you'll find links to sample tracks from, purchase, and get info about, my music and CDs. You will also find info about other recordings I've appeared on, as well as music samples of them, an image gallery, and info about purchasing music/tab of my solo guitar pieces. Once I get a few videos done (high on my priority list...wow, I have a priority list!), you'll also find links to them here

Roots by Phil Schappert     Branches by Phil Schappert     Emergence EP by Papilio     First Flight by Papilio

My Guitars

I have, and record and perform with, a number of acoustic guitars but my main instruments were made for me by Russel Crosby. More info inside

Booking Info & Press Kit

Info and downloads for Booking agents and the Press, in support of my performances, is found here.