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Instrumental Acoustic Guitar...

I've been playing guitar since I was a wee lad, starting in rock & bluegrass bands, and studying classical guitar, but it wasn't until a chance introduction to contemporary acoustic guitar music that I really began playing.

Despite the sometimes radical nature of some modern acoustic guitar music, my music has been heavily influenced by vocal arrangements, by traditional and neo-celtic musics of the world, and by "rhythm & groove." So, I compose and play an eclectic mix of original contemporary and neo-celtic guitar music.

I've been composing and writing solo guitar music for more than 20 years although it has not seen much performance. I'm happy to have finally gotten the resources to record some of the tunes, which you can hear on my forthcoming CDs, Roots and Branches. The recordings will be available singly (Roots or Branches) or as one double CD (Roots & Branches).

Some of the tunes from the recordings can be heard at my MySpace, my ReverbNation or my SoundCloud pages. I'm also currently performing with Papilio, a Halifax-based neo-celtic/neo-trad world music trio, and our first full-length recording, First Flight, will be available soon. Papilio recordings can be auditioned at our website or at our MySpace page.

Please take a look around, give a listen, and let me know what you think of my music and site!