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Autobiographical Stuff

I'm a fingerstyle guitarist and composer, a terrestrial ecologist, a nature photographer, and a graphic designer: a regular renaissance guy. I've just released a new solo guitar recording of original contemporary acoustic compositions called One Size Does Not Fit All. You can listen to tracks in the Bandcamp player in the Media section. I also play guitar and bouzar with world/celtic music trio, Papilio and we have a new recording, Sociable Butterflies, that is now available.

Along "life's journey" I acquired a PhD (with Distinction) in Biology from York University, specializing in phytochemistry, botany and entomology; managed a biology station for, and taught at, the University of Texas at Austin; have written scientific papers and articles, a newspaper column, a couple of books on plant-insect interactions and many "popular science" articles; am an accomplished entomophotographer; and do graphic design in my spare time.

I enjoy listening to, and playing, most kinds of music, especially classic symphonic rock, and the traditional musics of Celtic and Nordic countries, particularly Brittany, celtic Spain and Sweden, as well as a lot of traditional, neo-traditional and contemporary acoustic music. I play guitars made by Irish luthier George Lowden, Nova Scotian luthier Russel Crosby (who also made my bouzar), and others.

Non-Autobiographical Stuff

News, Views & A Few Reviews

Since I posted the first iteration of my solo guitar site in 2013 much has changed. My developing use of partial capo techniques over DADGAD tuning, and the resulting new compositions, means I have moved past neo-celtic guitar and into contemporary acoustic music. Along the way there have been new ideas, new pieces, a new recording (or two) and, of course, new guitars...

U ½ 2 B #
adding levers to a Harp Guitar

After a lot of humming & hawing, I finally got a harp guitar, a Timberline T30HGc. All mahogany with Macassar ebony, it's a beautiful instrument. But it was missing something important: the ability to adapt to my frequent DADGAD and partial capo mode & key changes. So I added sharping levers to the sub-bass strings! I expound (at length!), with photos, on how I did this on Gregg's Blogg.

New Tools of the Trade

The right tool for the job, as the saying goes. Over the past year I've added two new instruments to my posse: a Crosby custom TF "cittar" (a 5-course, 10-string, guitar-shaped cittern) to join my bouzar, and a Timberline T30HGc Harp Guitar. The cittar has a "Swedish-style" hybrid bridge that lets me use tied-on nylon bass strings to keep the tension down, and it sounds great! The harp guitar is, simply put, a beast!

Tablature Book Now Available!

The Transcription Book (notation & tablature) for One Size Does Not Fit All is now available. The book contains notes and transcriptions of all 15 of the original compositions on the recording. All purchased tabs, single tabs or the book, will include HQ 320kbps MP3s of the tracks. Contact me for more info or to purchase...

DADGAD & Using Partial Capos

While getting the Transcription Book ready to publish I wrote an introduction to DADGAD Tuning and my Use of Partial Capos. The introduction also includes the tunings, capo used and position for every track on the recording. Just click here to view. Right click, or control-click to download the PDF.

Two Lefts Don't Make It Right

As my first recording drops, I've begun planning and organizing a few older and some exciting new compositions, for a follow-up. I expect to get back into the studio with John, and some guests (!?), late in 2019 with, hopefully, a late 2020 release. Watch this space...

One Size Does Not Fit All

Well. Finally. After all these years. My first solo recording of original compositions, One Size Does Not Fit All, has seen the light of day. You can audition the tracks and purchase the album for download (in WAV, HQ MP# or FLAC formats) at my Bandcamp page. Woohoo!

What Reviewers Are Saying...

  • Papilio's "First Flight" has just been nominated for Traditional Roots Music Album of the Year by Music Nova Scotia and was nominated for Traditional Instrumental Recording of the Year at the 2014 East Coast Music Awards. It is easy to understand why. Jennifer Publicover, Anthony Rissesco and Phil Schappert have recorded an exceptional performance with delicate treatment of each piece.

    CD Cover
    Michael Trenholme East Coast Kitchen Party.
  • Once someone reviews my recording "One Size Does Not Fit All," then I'll put a glowing quote in this space. In the meantime, in between time, here are a bunch of words to keep the reviews section from bouncing up and down, constantly resizing and adjusting as the size of the reviews varies, and making you seasick. Really, I'm all about trying to make this a pleasant experience for you...

    Author image
    Phil Schappert Certified Curmudgeon.


Current & Past Projects.

As the Chief Cook & Bottle Washer at Taproot Music, I'm involved in music as both a performing and recording artist and as a photographer and graphic designer. Below are some highlights...

New Guitar Music Site

A new complete updated responsive website to coincide with the launch of the new CD. Woohoo!. You're already Here!

One Size Does Not Fit All

Finally. A recording of some of my solo contemporary acoustic guitar pieces. Can another be far behind? Purchase at BandCamp!

Sociable Butterflies

Did the graphic design, along with playing along with my talented bandmates, Jennifer Publicover & Anthony Risessco, for the new Papilio CD. Watercolor by Colin Dorgan ( Visit the Papilio Website!

First Flight

Also did the graphic design of Papilio's ECMA and Music Nova Scotia nominated 2013 CD, First Flight. Visit the Papilio Website

BandCamp Media Player

Some Links to My Music, My Guitars, & Virtual Me...


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