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I've been influenced by so many genres, styles and players that the best label I can put on my own music is "contemporary acoustic music&. Since 1990 or so, I've been heavily influenced by the music of Michael Hedges, Preston Reed, Alex Degrassi…and Don Ross. I met Don after what is now a comical episode on Jamaica that involved mistaken identities, a Larrivee J-09 at Ring Music in Toronto and much embarassment. Despite my avid interest in the contemporary fingerstyle guitar of these artists, Don was the person, through his involvement with The Harbord Trio, that introduced me to modern neo-celtic music. The rest, as they say, is his-story.

Although I have been playing acoustic guitar for many (many) years, I didn't really start composing until early in this century. I believe that until a player has attained a level of "musical maturity," their compositions will lack the experience to go somewhere beyond noodling. While I wrote pieces through the '90's, none of them have survived to be written down. One of the earliest pieces that I took the time to notate (and still play often) is Reuben & Pauline, a piece I wrote in memoriam of my parents.

Slowly, I've built a repertoire of tunes, some of which reflect my love of celtic and world music styles while others are anything but celtic, that I'm proud to call my own. Hopefully, it will not be too long before you'll be able to hear them here, and on my forthcoming CDs, Roots, the neo-celtic tunes, and Branches, the mostly non-celtic contemporary acoustic tunes.

Please take a look around, give a listen, and let me know what you think of my music and site!