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You can access most of my web and social media sites via the icons on every page. Most of the icons are self-explanatory but a couple of them need some explanation. The "me" button leads to the Bio page, the same page as the menu above. The envelope/email button will open your email program for a new message with my email address pre-loaded. The "butterfly" button leads to my ImagiNature Studio (nature & wildlife photography) site. Finally, the Skype button will, if you have the software installed, ask you to open the program and will try to call me (if you don't have the software installed you'll get a "I don't know what to do with this link" error message). It would be bes if you drop me a line and arrange a time before using this button.

Of course, I have other websites and, if you're interested in biology, ecology or the natural sciences (or find yourself with an incurable bout of insomnia), you may wish to check them out. My mostly non-musical personal site can be found at PhiSchappert.com and it provides links to my other sites, including book support pages for two books (A World for Butterflies: their lives, behaviour & future and Monarch Butterflies: Saving the King of the New World), Biophilia Conwsulting (my biology/ecology/environment services consulting site), Taproot Entertainment (my music business interests) and ImagiNature Studio (my nature & wildlife photography business).